Client Testimonials

Doug & I want to thank you again for the beautiful house that you built for us. We really couldn’t be more happy and everything exceeded our expectations. You guys definitely have a great team of craftsmen that do extremely nice custom work. We were also very pleased to hear from several of them on how highly they thought of you both. All of them just brought up that info on their own (vs us querying them). Hearing that from so many of them, we knew we were in good hands and that we had we had selected the right builder. Kristy, working with you was an extreme pleasure. We are so happy that you fit us into your schedule and let us use you as our interior decorator. Your input really made the difference in how the house turned out. I also appreciated how well you listened to our inputs and were never shaken whenever there were slight hiccups (ie. wrong carpet color sent & installed in master bedroom). It was a real pleasure watching how you handled everything. Also, the tulip and willow flower arrangement that you brought over yesterday is spectacular. I love how the vase is just wide enough to fit on the kitchen windowsill and how the afternoon sunset filters thru the glass and water. I love putting flowers on my windowsill. Your taste in even the smallest details, like this flower arrangement, is impeccable. Once we get settled in, Doug & I would love to have you over for dinner, and cook you something in our new kitchen.
— Sharon & Doug
We love our home built by Pacwest. The whole staff was always supportive and responsive to our needs. They have a great design team that guided us through the whole process. They knew the best places to acquire appliances, stone work, lighting, etc. which took away the stress of finding everything on our own. They also suggested ideas we hadn’t thought of that made our home even more unique. Pacwest used subcontractors that provided outstanding results. They were flexible and completed their work on time. Pacwest said they’d build a quality home and they did. Not only was our home what we wanted, but our relationship with Pacwest was exceptional. Pacwest said they stand by their homes and it’s true. They provided a followup a year after our home was built and happily touched up some issues. Customer satisfaction is part of their vision and from our experience, it’s true. Our relationship with Pacwest was a positive experience and it continues to this day. Bottom line: Would we build with them again? Absolutely!
— Dale & Nancy
To have a custom “dream home” built you need to be able to work with a builder that can listen to your wants and needs and make that dream home a reality. For anyone who has taken on this challenge you know the hundreds of decisions that have to be made. Starting with the design concept and footprint of the home to the paint colors and the door knobs! This can be a daunting task that is incredibly time consuming and as absentee owners, the challenges are even greater. We give the Pacwest team high marks for being able to work with us from concept and design (Jim and Spencer) to construction (Conone, Mick) to interior design and décor (Kristy). You need to trust your team. This team served as our advisors and “eyes on the ground” and our experience with them culminated in a home that we love but also achieved public recognition by winning 6 of 8 awards in its’ category in the 2014 COBA Tour of Homes. We highly recommend the Pacwest team to anyone looking for a truly high quality home. We consider them not only our builders, but, our friends.
— Denny & Kathy
We had Pacwest build a 5000 sqft house with a walk out basement on a lot that we had purchased a number of years earlier. We had checked out other builders, including the quality of their construction through the annual \’Tour of Homes\’ and have been extremely happy to have chosen Pacwest. Their relationship with their subs and their ability to negotiate reasonable bids kept our construction cost below current prevailing rates, yet maintaining high quality. Issues during construction were minor and when they occurred Pacwest handled them in a professional manor and absorbed all additional costs. We had an excellent working relationship during the entire process. Their staff were very pleasant, professional and easy to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family.
— Richard & Monica
We worked with Pacwest Homes to build our first custom home. We were clueless about the process or what to expect. We found everyone at Pacwest to be professional, considerate and VERY easy to work with. We had the additional challenge of building remotely. We received pictures of the progress each Friday and came to Bend monthly to pick materials and make decisions. We love our Pacwest home and would recommend them to anyone looking to build their dream home.
— Alan & Cathy
Our experience with Pacwest was extraordinary. We hired Pacwest to design and build our house at Black Butte Ramch, Oregon. Their architect designed the home, which is a shingle style lodge home. Working with the PacWest team was wonderful in all respects. I had so much help from their interior designer-she came up with great ideas and suggestions to make the home truly special. There was great attention to detail and wonderful craftsmanship by all of the people that worked on our home. The entire experience was fun-and not many people can say that about building a home! And the owners of Pacwest are now friends.
— Richard & Dail
Pacwest was exceptional in workmanship and customer service during the remodel of our bar and patio. When I see their signs in front of new construction lots and home renovations, I have to smile because I know the homeowners will have an excellent finished product. If we were starting from the ground up, Pacwest would be our builder of choice.
— Gregg & Sharon
We are very pleased that we selected Pacwest to design and build our dream home in Bend Oregon. The high quality, attention to detail, and client orientation are unsurpassed. Pacwest has great relationships and priority with the best subcontractors in Bend. Choosing a builder that has architecture, design, construction, and interior design all under one roof ensured smooth execution. We have zero hesitation recommending Pacwest to friends and family.
— Larry & Patti
Anna an I hired Pacwest twice. In 2007 We were planning to build a house in Tetherow, we signed with PacWest. When the economy turned we backed out. When we were ready again in 2013 there was no doubt who my builder was going to be. The reasons are actually very simple. First you meet the owners, Jim and Kistry Yozamp, Then you move on to the house designer (yah right, Spencer Williams is an architect). Then after the design phase you get to meet, hang out and have fun with Scott Witmer, Site Manager and Kelly Warner, Interior Designer. All these quality people are in house and great to work with. Keep in mind this was a second home for us. This house (which we absolutely love) was basically built over the phone. I think Anna an I were in Bend 10 days through the whole process. Of course nothing is a 100%, however if anyone ask me who their builder should be in the Bend area, I am going say to Pacwest.
— Brad & Anna
I have had luxury homes built and remodeled for the past twenty-five years and have been happy with the results each time. The Pacwest (Bend, Ore.) home is over 5000 sq.ft. and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the result. I said we were happy with the previous projects, but “unbelievably ecstatic” is a more accurate term for the Pacwest experience. We were told at the beginning of construction that we would be in by Thanksgiving of 2009. We actually moved in on the day after the holiday. That was the only mistake they made. One day late. When families come to Bend to look at housing they all want to see new construction and the quality that went into the build and the integrity of the relationship. Nearly six years later the quality still stands out and the relationship is tops. The Pacwest team is by far the best that Central Oregon offers. If I ever build again, I would be comfortable doing the job on a handshake instead of a contract. They are that good and that honest. Many of our friends here in the Tetherow Golf Community have hired them and all are as happy as we are. In watching the neighborhood grow, it is apparent that Pacwest has been contracted to build more than any other firm. Probably double whomever is number two. They just don’t have any weaknesses or come up with any surprises.
— Don & Mary
We interviewed a couple other companies when we built our house in 2009/2010. When we met with Pacwest it was easy to make our decision. Jim Yozamp is a real salesman. His whole team was very professional and it ended up being a great experience for us. The follow up has been extraordinary. Pacwest takes good care of their clients. We are looking forward to having them build our next house if there is one. Love ‘em all.
— Jim & Darlene
Used for remodel of kitchen a few years ago. friendly, enthusiastic. cleaned up job site as promised. gave input on design. dealt with problems that came up during remodel satisfactorily. quality work. good relationship with subs. would hire again. also build custom homes in the area.
— Susan
We had such a pleasant experience building with Pacwest. If we ever build again, Pacwest will be chosen again. Customer service is excellent and the process and billing process is very transparent. What a bunch of nice and knowledgeable people... Great to work with!
— Jon & Penny
As I mentioned a couple of nights ago, Leslie and I are thrilled with the home. We have been in it for more than a month and there is nothing we would change. Your staff gave us great direction on any changes to be made. While change orders may be the norm, we were on a very strict budget. The changes that were suggested have made a tremendous difference in the quality of our lifestyle. Now that we are in, we realize the importance of those smart decision in making for a much more comfortable lifestyle. Feel free to use us as a reference. We look forward to building our next Pacwest home.
— Ted & Leslie
Heather and I want to express our great satisfaction in working with Pacwest over the past year. In particular, we would like to express our appreciation and admiration for Conone Davis. As you know, building a home is an enormous logistical challenge. The finished product stands as a testament, not to bricks or mortar, but instead to quality of the people that came together to build it. Conone is representative of that quality. In managing our project, Conone demonstrated the soft skills that are so important in our economy today. He is a good listener. He communicates well and often. He has a positive outlook. He is willing to consider and able to unite various perspectives. These skIlls allowed Conone to challenge sub-contractors and all those involved with our project to perform their best. He delivered a superior product, on time, and on budget. We were equally impressed with Conone’s professional expertise when it came to choosing products and systems. Heather is particularly happy with his suggestions for wood and trim. Most importantly, while most predicted that building a home while pregnant was a marital disaster waiting to happen, we actually had a ton of fun! Thank you, Jim. Please also thank your entire Pacwest staff and all of your subcontractors for building such a wonderful home for us. We are most appreciative of the team effort. Best wishes to you all, now, and in the years to come.
— Spencer & Heather
We thought Pacwest was an absolute delight to work with! The painters did an excellent job in paying attention to detail. We would highly recommend them to family and friends.
— Dave and Heather
I flew back yesterday and John is there through Saturday. The Townhouse is gorgeous! All the material choices were outstanding, it has the feel I had envisioned. John is planning some fishing trips throughout the summer and I plan to go back at least a couple of times before Xmas. My thoughts at this time is to start Phase III after the first of the year. I’ll call with ample time before my next visit to Bend to go over the remodeling plans for the upstairs. Thank you for the beautiful work that you do!
— Helen
We were continually impressed with the quality of work from Pacwest and their attention to detail. The best part has been their “ever-ready” willingness to support their product after project completion. Everyone at Pacwest is great to work with!
— Karen and Jim
Linda and I just wanted to send you a note about our recent remodel experience with you and Pacwest. As you know this adventure was our 2nd remodel with you and because of the process and outcome of your 1st remodel we had high expectations for this effort. We were not disappointed. The main focus of the remodel was the master bathroom, but it also involved the Kitchen, a downstairs powder room and a small mudroom so it was a rather complex job. All of those areas came out better than we hoped for and have truly made our house a much better place to live both functionally and aesthetically.” To us, what is just as important as the outcome of the project, was the process and this is where Pacwest shines and is the reason we will come back if we do any more remodeling. Just like our 1st remodel with you we were again impressed with your attention to making us, the customer, happy and the quality of all your subcontractors. Having served in the military for 34 years we have owned homes and dealt with contractors all over the country. Most of those other experiences were not ideal and it seemed like we had to constantly fight with the contractor to get what we wanted or to fix issues that come up during a job. That is not the case with you and Pacwest. We were always so relieved when we had a concern or an issue and your response was always ?this is not a problem, it?s an opportunity?. Because of that, this process, although it was long and required us to live in confined areas of our house for extended periods, was still enjoyable to us as we watched you and your subcontractors helped us realize our dreams. The bottom line is we want to say thanks to you, Pacwest and all your subcontractors for a job well done.
— COL (R) John D. Roscelli, MD
Pride in the quality of their work showed throughout the entire process. The final product far exceeded our expectations.
— Bob and Renee