Under Construction

Under Construction

As a Design/Build firm, Pacwest can take care of everything from the initial conceptual design right through the construction. This model allows us to be 100% responsible for the success of your project and to maintain the high level of quality that our customers expect of us. It also means that the team who will be building the home has direct access to the architect, designer, or interior designer whenever questions come up in the field, which ensures that projects stay on schedule and that everyone is on the same page. Check back periodically to see how these projects take shape.

Tetherow - Meeks Trail

A big advantage to using BIM (building information modeling) software is the ability to create solar studies and design the home in a way to let light in when you want it while keeping it out when you don't.

Sisters - Fryrear

Carved out of a large acreage farm, this home looks out unobstructed to the Cascades from Mt. Bachelor to Mt. Hood on a clear day, which most of them are.

Broken Top - Tam McArthur 1

With the number of empty lots in Broken Top dwindling, it was lucky that Steve Van Sant had an opportunity to design two homes on Tam McArthur with only one lot separating them.


Broken Top - Tam McArthur 2

Just two doors down and also designed by Steve Van Sant, this home has a much more rustic feel than its neighbor.


North Rim - Greenleaf

North Rim is known for having amazing mountain views and this lot is no exception. The home sits about halfway down the lot, surrounded by large, old, heritage Juniper and Ponderosa Pine. 


Tree Farm - Golden Mantle

This is the first home Pacwest has built in The Tree Farm, but certainly won’t be the last. The lots are all 2 acres, which provides a lot of flexibility when siting homes and keeps the whole neighborhood from feeling crowded.